Product Overview: Tello Sprint MVNO (Cellular Data Plans)

Tello is a Sprint MVNO offering smartphone based plans.

Sprint’s biggest advantage is that it tends to have the most affordable options, especially the promotional plans offered to lure new customers.

The vast bulk of Sprint’s usable fast data coverage is found in core urban areas and along major interstates. Anything outside of that, and you’re roaming with very slow speeds – if you can get online at all.

If you’re planning to stick to urban areas, Sprint might be worthwhile.

Tello in particular offers 'build your own' style plans. These plans let you create a custom plan by combining bundles of minutes, messages and data.

Got Coverage?

You can choose from a prepaid (auto-bill) option, or a pay-as-you-go option. Pay-as-you-go balances do not expire as long as a call, text, data usage or top-up occurs at least once every three months, but are pricier than auto-pay prepaid options.

Policies & Perks:

  • Domestic Roaming: None
  • Throttling/Network Management: All data is at full speed up to the plan's data cap. Once data cap is reached, data service is cut off.
  • International: No international data roaming. Calls to Mexico / Canada are included.
  • Mobile Hotspot Use: Yes!
  • Data Roll Over: None on prepaid plans -unused data is lost at the end of the prepaid period. Pay-as-you-go plan balances do not expire as long as you top up every 3 months.
  • Overage Charges: There are no overage charges on prepaid plans. Once you use your data, data service is cut off.
  • Streaming: No streaming services are provided.
  • Unlimited: No unlimited plans are offered.

Testing Status: We do not keep a Tello plan in our testing arsenal.

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Quick Take

Tello is a Sprint MVNO with 'build your own' plans and either prepaid or pay-as-you-go options.

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