Product Overview: SureCall TriFlex2Go-V / TriFlex2Go-A / TriFlex2Go-T (Mobile Cellular Booster)


This device has been discontinued and we consider it obsolete. While current owners of this device may continue to find performance to be adequate for the foreseeable tech-future, we do not recommend upgrading to or purchasing this device.

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Potential Current Option: Surecall2Go 3.0 

The gigantic SureCall TriFlex2Go dwarfs the Wilson Mobile 4G.

The gigantic SureCall TriFlex2Go dwarfs the Wilson Mobile 4G.

The SureCall TriFlex2Go booster came in three carrier specific versions - with a model specific to Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.


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All three boosters support the widely used 800Mhz and 1900Mz 2G/3G bands, but each only supports the LTE bands of the specific carrier it was sold for.

The AT&T version supports LTE Band 17, the Verizon version supports LTE Band 13, and the T-Mobile version supports LTE Band 4.

We tested two of the TriFlex2Go boosters (the AT&T and Verizon versions) in 2014 (provided courtesy of Powerful Signal), and they performed well - but given the carrier specific limitations, higher cost (original list price was $600!), and how physically bulky these units are - we couldn't find any reason to recommend this product line over other better options.

For our original in-depth test of the TriFlex2Go boosters versus the Wilson Mobile 4G:

Booster Testing: Wilson Mobile 4G vs SureCall TriFlex2Go

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Purchasing Options

This booster has reached the end of it's life, and is no longer for sale.

The successor product is the SureCall Fusion2Go, which is a multi-band booster that supports multiple carriers at once.

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Quick Take

Unlike more recent 5-band boosters, the TriFlex2Go came in versions specific to each carrier - limiting flexibility. It was more expensive, and performed worse than alternatives from other booster manufacturers.

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