Product Overview: SPOT Gen3 by SPOT LLC (Satellite Communication)

spot-gen3-satellite-communication-mobile-reviewVery often when you are out in the boonies far from other communication options, your communication needs are actually very simple.

You either want to let your loved ones know “I’m fine, and this is where to find me...” or you want to let everyone know “Send help – here is where I am!”

For these basic needs, a big expensive satellite system is overkill.

The basic SPOT Gen3 Satellite Messenger device combines a GPS with a one-way satellite transmitter (powered by Globalstar) that works almost everywhere in the world (there are a few gaps in coverage, but not many), retails for $169.95.

Just press a button to “Check In” or another button to “Send Help.”

SPOT service currently costs $149/yea or $14.99/month.

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The big downside of SPOT is that it is broadcast only – there is no way for you to receive a message.

But it is affordable, and the safety and increased peace of mind can be very worth it for many travelers in particularly remote areas.


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Affordable one-way communication. The safety and increased peace of mind can be very worth it for many travelers in particularly remote areas.

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