Product Overview: MetroPCS by T-Mobile (Cellular Data Plans)


MetroPCS is the wholly owned subsidiary of T-Mobile, offering prepaid smartphone plans to consumers.

MetroPCS offers phone plans with on device only data, phone hotspot data (capped) and standalone hotspot device options. You must have a phone line on MetroPCS in order to add a standalone hotspot line. All standalone hotspot lines offer capped data buckets - there is no unlimited option.

Metro PCS offers data 'bolt-ons' if you need more hotspot data during the month. These data bolt-ons can currently only be added at a MetroPCS store.

Policies & Perks:
  • Domestic Roaming: MetroPCS plans do not include domestic roaming.
  • Throttling/Network Management: MetroPCS traffic is always de-priotized over direct T-Mobile traffic. Network management kicks in at 35GB/line.
  • International: Does not include or have an option for international usage.
  • Mobile Hotspot Use: Almost all MetroPCS plans include mobile hotspot use, however, you must purchase their 'premium' unlimited data plan to be able to hotspot on their unlimited plan - and that is limited to 10GB of hotspot data a month.
  • Standalone Hotspot Use: A standalone hotspot plan is offered, but needs to be added as a line to an existing phone plan.
  • Data Roll Over: No data roll-over is offered with prepaid plans.
  • Overage Charges: MetroPCS never charges overage fees. Once you hit your high speed data cap, you are just simply slowed down to 2G speeds for the rest of the billing period. There is also the option to buy 'bolt-on' data in buckets of 2GB, 5GB, or 10GB.
  • Streaming: Prepaid plans do not include the unlimited video streaming of post paid plans, however they do include the data maximizer to reduce data usage while streaming video on partnered networks.
  • Unlimited Data Plans: An on device unlimited data plan is offered that allows 10GB a month of mobile hotspot use. Additional unlimited data lines can be added to a plan for $30/each per month - each with their own 10GB hotspot data cap.
  • Device Lock/Unlock Policy: Policy: You can request the unlock code after 90 consecutive (continuous) days of phone service with MetroPCS.

Testing Status: We do not keep a prepaid MetroPCS plan.

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Quick Take

T-Mobile is the carrier to watch, and a worthwhile consideration as a secondary network for RVers. MetroPCS prepaid plans however don't include all the alluring perks of their postpaid options.

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