Product Overview: Legacy (Grandfathered) Verizon Unlimited Data Plan (Cellular Data Plans)

Ask in almost any RVing group about what carriers is best, and you'll hear Verizon mentioned more often than any other. There's a good reason for that - they will have you covered in more places.

From the January 2016 release of our iOS app 'Coverage? - showing LTE coverage for Verizon.

Verizon is the largest cellular carrier in the USA. It has the widest overall coverage area, the most deployed LTE, and great overall performance. Verizon has a promising future roadmap too – with an ever-expanding network and advanced XLTE service widely deployed.

They are extremely strong in metro areas, and cover many rural areas as well. Most of their network is owned by the network, so you are very infrequently roaming - and even when you are, they don't impose domestic data roaming caps.

Unlimited Data Plans (UDP)

Verizon last allowed consumers to sign up for unlimited data way back in 2011. But they have continued to grandfather them in, allowing customers who keep the plans to continue utilizing them. And grandfathered corporate accounts still have the ability to keep and create unlimited data lines.

Verizon no longer offers these plans directly, and the only way new customers can obtain them is by purchasing someone else's plan and assuming liability (through a process called Assumption of Liability), or renting a plan.

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Assumption of Liability (AOL)

There are two primary ways for consumers to gain access to one of these lines - AOL or Rental. This review listing is for the AOL method of obtaining and owning your own line.

Our members can learn more about the specifics of the AOL process, including access to vetted vendors here:

Guide to Navigating Verizon Unlimited Data Plans

Policies & Perks:

  • Direct Verizon Account: Once you own an account, you have a direct account with Verizon that you control - and you may even end up with a contract that locks you at the pricing and terms for longer.
  • Domestic Roaming: Verizon imposes no limits on domestic roaming for calls or data when you are off their network.
  • International: There is no international package that can be added on to these plans. 
  • Mobile Hotspot Use: Under the terms of their acquisition of the 700mHz spectrum, Verizon can not restrict mobile hotspot use. They offer an option to add on the feature to smartphones (for an extra fee), some use work arounds with apps like PDA+Net or you can just put the SIM card in a data only device at no charge (such as a mobile hotspot).
  • No ThrottlingVerizon does not slow down speeds on their unlimited data plans, and there is no network management.
  • No Data Caps: These plans really are unlimited. Although, there is speculation that using between 700 and 1000 GB of data will get you on Verizon's radar.
  • Typical Costs: $45-95/month (average being $64.99/month, plus taxes & fees), with an upfront acquisition ranging from $400-2000.

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Testing Status: We keep a Verizon Unlimited Data Plan in our testing arsenal, and use it as our primary source of mobile internet. We absolutely recommend this route for any RVer who needs more than 15-20GB of data a month.

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Purchasing Options

To obtain a Verizon Unlimited Data Plan, you must go through the AOL process. We have this fully documented in our member guide.

Guide to Navigating Verizon Unlimited Data Plans

The alternate way to obtaining an unlimited Verizon data plan is by renting one from a data broker.

Verizon Unlimited Data Plan Ratings
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Quick Take

If keeping connected is important to you in your travels, this is probably the network to have service on. For any RVers who regularly needs more than 15-20GB of data a month, this is the plan we recommend obtaining. AOLing will result in lower monthly costs that make it worthwhile the upfront acquisition for those who forsee needing this level of data for more than 8-12 months.

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