Product Overview: MBR1400 by Cradlepoint (Mobile Routers)


This device has been discontinued and we consider it obsolete. While current owners of this device may continue to find performance to be adequate for the foreseeable tech-future, we do not recommend upgrading to or purchasing this device.

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Potential Current Option: Cradlepoint has officially discontinued this model, replacing it with the much more expensive AER1600 series.

However, as of July 2018 the MBR1200B is still being sold by 3G Store and can be found on Amazon and other places.

Do keep in mind though that this product is end-of-life, and long term support and bug fixes should not be counted upon.

Cradlepoint is focused on the mobile enterprise market, and though Cradlepoint used to have many options for "average" users most have been discontinued over the years as Cradlepoint has focused on the higher end of the market.

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Individuals with specific needs though do often find value in going with Cradlepoint hardware.

The Cradlepoint ARC MBR1400 ($379, without a cellular module) only had one USB port, but adds 5GHz WiFi, gigabit ethernet, and the ability to mate with a paired cellular modem. It has been discontinued by Cradlepoint, and replaced by the AER1600 line.


  • Model: ARC MBR1400
  • Base Technology: Cradlepoint
  • WiFi as WAN: Yes
  • WiFi Standards: 802.11 b/g/n - 2.4 GHz or 802.11 a/n - 5 GHz
  • Outdoor Rated: No
  • Cellular Support: 1 USB Port, 1x Optional Cellular Pod
  • Antenna Port: Yes - 3x WiFi
  • Ethernet Ports: 5x Gigabit
  • Data Usage Tracking: Yes
  • Load Balancing: Yes
  • Auto Faillover: Yes
  • Power Source: 12v or 110v AC
  • Dimensions:
  • Retail Price:  $379.99 +  Cellular Modem (Discontinued)

Testing Status: We do not currently have this model in for testing.

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Cradlepoint MBR1400
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Quick Take

The Cradlepoint MBR1400 stands out for having an USB port, add on cellular modem and 5 GHz WiFi.

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