Product Overview: Coastal Marine Wi-Fi Kit by Coastal Marine (Router / Long Range Wi-Fi)

Meant to be mounted high up on a water vessel, Coastal Marine's WiFi Booster includes a 12” omnidirectional antenna to aid in connecting to onshore networks.

The received Wi-Fi signal is relayed through a single weatherproof cable to a Wi-Fi router included as part of the package which is installed in your cabin, and can then broadcast your own local area Wi-Fi network for your onboard devices to connect to.

Coastal Marine touts the booster's ability to receive a Wi-Fi signal "even at one nautical mile or more under ideal conditions."

This system is paired with an app that gives you control of the booster. The app is available for iOS and Android. You can also access settings in a typical web interface, if desired.

Got Coverage?

Coastal Marine touts that:

The real advantage of the Coastal Marine WiFi system lies in its ease of use, since most other vendors don't provide convenient mobile apps for connecting to hotspots -- but we have the software expertise to make it happen.

Specifications - Coastal Marine Wi-Fi Booster

  • Base Technology: TRENDnet
  • Wi-Fi Router: Yes
    • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi:
    • 5GHz Wi-Fi:
    • Wi-Fi Antenna: 1x12'' Omni
  • Cellular Tethering via USB: No USB Port
  • Integrated Cellular Modem: No
  • Ethernet Ports:
  • Special Features: Highly weather resistant / water-proofed
  • Power Source: 110-240VAC or 12/24VDC
  • Dimensions: Hub: 4''x4''x1.5''
  • Outdoor Rated: Yes - IP65
  • Retail Price:  $455

Testing Status: We are not currently testing this product.

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Quick Take

A dedicated marine based Wi-Fi extending option.

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