Integrated KitsOur Reviews Of Integrated Kits

From pre-installed hardware with new RVs to after market integrated kits covering cellular and/or Wi-Fi. These are marketed as one-stop shopping options including everything you need to keep connected.

Rogue Wave

Long range WiFi antenna and router by WaveWiFi.


Coastal Marine Wi-Fi

A dedicated marine based Wi-Fi extending option.


Glomex weBBoat 4G Plus

A dual SIM cellular system with built in WiFi extenders for cruisers who are not planning to venture far enough off shore to require satellite.


PDQ Connect One Source

Long range WiFi, Cellular Booster & HDTV antenna kit by PDQ Connect.


RedPort Halo Long Range Marine & RV Wi-Fi Extending System

Long range Wi-Fi extending setup, with claims of up to 7 miles.


WiFiRanger EliteAC / FM

WiFiRanger’s top-of-the-line WiFi enhancing system combining an exterior antenna and interior router in one package. Pricey, but effective.

$700/ $750

WiFiRanger SkyPro Pack

The WiFiRanger SkyPro pack combines one of WiFiRanger’s roof-mounted antenna systems with one of their mobile routers to provide a complete solution sold as a kit.

$450/ $650

Winegard ConnecT WF1 & 4G1

Winegard’s unique-looking Wi-Fi extender and mobile router solution is an interesting addition to the market.


ASA iN-Command Global Connect

A centralized systems control panel for a wide range of newer RVs, but no integrated cellular connectivity or WiFi extending capability


A forthcoming indoor/outdoor router and antenna system that integrates 4G LTE and Wi-Fi with standard TV and AM/FM reception.


Airstream Smart Control

A fully integrated cellular, WiFi, smart control and RV automation system backed by an AT&T cellular data plan

Lippert OneControl ConnectAnywhere

This integrated RV smart control and 4G LTE system looks promising, but we need more details to evaluate this option.

Magnadyne RV-Link

An integrated roof-mounted AM/FM/TV and WiFi antenna system paired to an interior router.


Lippert WiFi On-The-Go

Lippert’s packaged cellular to LAN WiFi system, compatible with AT&T and T-mobile data plans.


King Falcon & WiFiMax

A WiFi and router combination offering an automatically-aimed high-gain directional antenna with an interior router.