Directional Antennas – Worth The Hassle?

The Wilson Wide Band Directional Antenna, mounted up a FlagPole Buddy mast.

The Wilson Wide Band Directional Antenna, mounted up a FlagPole Buddy mast.

Even the most basic cellular antenna, when mounted on the roof of your rig, can be incredibly worthwhile.

Getting the signal up and away from walls and obstructions, and over the top of the neighborhood clutter can work wonders. We have time and time again been able to take a signal barely detectable inside our bus, and via a booster and small rooftop antenna turn it into something solid, fast, and reliable.

But... Is it ever appropriate to bring out specialized heavy artillery for picking up the tiniest shreds of signal in even the most remote locations?

In particular - does a directional antenna make sense as part of your connectivity arsenal?

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We put a Wilson Wide Band Directional Antenna through its paces, to decide...

Just when is it worth the hassle?

Read on to find out.

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