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Antennas on our roof. We actually designed the fridge vent to fold open, making it easy to swap antennas and run cables into our tech cabinet.

Antennas being tested on our roof. We actually designed our fridge vent to fold open, making it easy to swap antennas and run cables back to our tech cabinet.

An antenna is an essential component of any mobile internet arsenal the incorporates cellular - whether it is the internal antenna built into every hotspot and phone, or a roof-mounted antenna plugged into a cellular booster or directly into a cellular device with external antenna ports.

But not all antennas are created equal - and picking amongst the options is anything but simple.

We get asked questions like this all the time:

  • Is it worth investing potentially hundreds of dollars in upgrading antennas?
  • How well do the stock antennas that come with cellular boosters work?
  • Is a bigger antenna really better?
  • Is a directional antenna worth the aiming hassle?
  • Is a dual-antenna MIMO setup worthwhile?
  • Can I get by with just an antenna, or is a booster mandatory too?
  • What is the ultimate antenna upgrade?

We've done extensive in the field testing to get hands-on experience with a wide range of popular antennas, putting them head-to-head in a range of situations.

Topics Covered in this Guide:

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Cellular Antennas Product Guide:

Below are the cellular antennas we are tracking on the market. Click on the filter buttons below to narrow down your search by features or manufacturer, and then click on the product you would like to learn more about. (Members can also find a spreadsheet below comparing the features across the different models.)

Many of the antennas we have tested extensively, and offer free quick reviews on, as well as in-depth reviews available to our premium members.

weBoost Trucker

weBoost’s 3G optimized high gain omni-directional antenna intended for large trucks and RVs.

Overall Review:

weBoost Panel Antenna

weBoost’s multi-band directional panel antenna for poles & windows.


Overall Review:

weBoost 12" Magnet Mount

weBoost’s taller magnetic mounted antenna.


Overall Review:

Panorama Wideband MIMO

Panorama’s Directional Wideband MIMO antenna.


Overall Review:

AP Double Cell MIMO

AP’s MIMO Antenna

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Overall Review:

weBoost 4G Omni Building

weBoost’s 4G Omni Building Antenna


Overall Review:

SureCall Wideband Omni Outdoor

A wideband omni-directional antenna covering 2G/3G/4G and WLAN systems.


Overall Review:

Panorama Low Profile MIMO

A line of low profile omni-directional antennas featuring cellular MIMO, WiFi and GPS.

$285 - 315

Overall Review:

WirEng BoatAnt2-MIMO

A high gain omni-directional MIMO antenna from WirEng.


Overall Review:

Laird Multiband Phantom Antenna

An omni-directional antenna covering offering 3-5 dBi gain for 3G/4G cellular.


Overall Review:

Urant MIMO Antenna

Urant MIMO 4G antenna with 2 TS-9 connectors.


Overall Review:

Panorama Desktop MIMO Antenna

Panorama’s desktop MIMO antenna with 2 TS-9 connectors.


Overall Review:
We are constantly testing gear here at, and many of the antennas we report on are in constant active testing while we travel about the country.

Our premium MIA premium members have access to our in-depth guides that are a direct result of this testing, and even our raw field testing results:

Testing Setup & Raw Testing Results and Observations



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