Resources for Mobile Internet Information


Below are our recommended resources for obtaining information about mobile internet options, support and services.

Speed Testing:

Use these when you need to test the speed of your connection.

Tip: These use data! All carriers except T-Mobile will count the data used to test the speed against your data cap.

Forums & Information:

  • Internet for RVers - The publicly available group on Facebook that we moderate for discussions about mobile internet options for RVers.
  • HowardForums - All about smartphones & mobile phones.
  • DSLReports - Information and forums about broadband providers.
  • EVDOInfo - Run by the 3GStore, this is an information source for cellular carriers and equipment.
  • Wireless Advisor - An unbiased source for helping consumers select a carrier (targeted at stationary folks.)
  • DataStormUsers - The user group left over after Datastorm went out of business - best resource for satellite internet.
  • Escapees Internet Access on the Road - The forum on, specifically for RVers.

Carriers & MVNOs:

Recommended Retailers:

  • PowerfulSignal - Sells cellular boosting gear, and are RVers themselves. They understand the industry and needs of RVers and can help advise you on your best options. PowerfulSignal is our go-to source for industry information, and provides us test equipment for our reviews.
  • 3GStore - Sells cellular equipment - from devices, routers and boosters/antennas. Well respected company with great customer support.
  • WiFiRanger - Manufacturer of the WiFiRanger router products that we recommend for bringing together cellular and WiFi as WAN inputs.
  • TechoRV - Sells technology products for RVers, including WiFi and cellular gear. Their unique angle is their 'Learning Series' that comes with each product that teaches you how to install and use your purchase.
  • - Many products you can also purchase on the everything store.