Guide to Unlimited Mobile Internet Data Options for RVers


Whether they are connecting for work, entertainment, or just keeping in touch with friends and family back home - RVers online face unique challenges that fixed location home users rarely have to think about.

One of the most frustrating is dealing with limits imposed on Internet use.

Worrying about megabytes, gigabytes, overage charges, and connection speed throttling can become a constant source of stress that those used to unlimited data can hardly begin to comprehend.

wireless-iconWith limited connections, a lot of the bandwidth intensive tasks that most users take for granted become much more complicated. Streaming video, homeschooling and remote education, transferring large files, online gaming, and even keeping your computers updated with the latest versions of software all put your usage limits at risk - potentially opening the door to expensive overage charges.

Yet we live in a very cloud centric world these days - and apps are growing increasingly data hungry. Even if you work hard at it, remaining on a data diet can be an exercise in frustration. Sometimes, just one stray click can blow through an entire month's ration of data.

It is little wonder that so many connected RVers fantasize about finding "unlimited" connections.

Unfortunately - truly unlimited, un-congested and fast mobile internet connections you can utilize on all your devices are exceedingly hard to find.

Many of the cellular carriers no longer offer unlimited data plans, and even those that do have substantial limits hidden in the fine print - such as not allowing personal hotspot usage or tethering another device. Or they offer "unlimited" usage with speeds that are throttled down to a crawl after an initial limited allotment is used.

Older "grandfathered in" unlimited data plans can still be found - but getting one can be a tricky and expensive proposition as well.

Other more traditional sources of unlimited data - such as via cable or DSL - generally come in the form of shared public resources that may frequently be overloaded or involve needing to surf the interwebs away from the rolling home.

This article covers the various options for obtaining unlimited data as a mobile internet consumer. The options include:

  • Cellular Options - The latest inside info on Unlimited Data Plans from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.
  • Public WiFi Hotspots - Tips for getting at unlimited data via WiFi.
  • Alternative Options - From getting cable internet in your RV to utilizing co-working spaces.

For further details, read on for the options, the caveats that come with each, and how to go about finding them.

Unlimited data on the road can be hard to come by - but if you know what you are looking for, it can be found.

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