Building Ethernet Network Cables

Bad Wire in Connector - EthernetWhether wiring up a house or an RV - building your own ethernet network cables gives you the flexibility to create cables of any size, more easily route cables before installing connectors, and produce cheaper cables than those found in retail outlets. 

While building your own cables is not “rocket science” it does require a certain skill set and a basic collection of the right tools. If you buy the tools referenced here, and learn the skills in this article, you will be able to produce network cables/telephone cables and properly test them.

Guidelines that will help you succeed:

  • Successfully producing cables does require some hand dexterity - if you cannot easily manipulate cables by hand you will find building a correct cable difficult to accomplish.
  • This Guide is for Cat 5e cables. Cat 6 cables are much harder to crimp and require special connectors - do not attempt category 6 cables until you have mastered Cat 5 cabling.
  • You must acquire the tools specified. Without them building your own cables is very difficult/impossible to succeed at.

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