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MIA-final_FullColorIs Internet Access an Essential Part of your Mobile Lifestyle?

Internet access is almost as necessary as fuel, water and electricity to some of today's RVers and cruisers.

Whether you're working from the road, attending online classes, keeping in touch with friends & family, planning your next destination, sharing your adventures or keeping entertained - you'll need to find a mobile internet solution that fits your unique lifestyle.

It's a full time job to keep up with constantly changing technology and plans.

We know. Because we've made it our full time job.

We keep on top of the industry, alert you to breaking news, guide you through these topics, provide in-depth constantly updated written & video guides and field your questions - so you can concentrate on what drives you

What is the MIA (Mobile Internet Aficionados)?

The MIA is our premium membership, a community of travelers who depend on mobile internet.

Instead of seeking sponsorships, advertising or reselling products - we choose instead to be community funded. This keeps us accountable to our membership for our unbiased overviews and industry analysis.

 The Mobile Internet Handbook is the textbook...
..the MIA is the classroom.

A MIA membership goes even further than our free content - more in-depth guides, our classroom for learning, alert newsletters, interactive access to experts, reviews, product discounts and insider tips.

It's designed for those who consider mobile internet an integral part of their lifestyle.

Our goal is to save you time, money and frustration.

Starting at just less than 6 bucks a month.

Your hosts are Chris & Cherie of Technomadia.com. We began full time RVing while working remotely as technology advisors & software developers in 2006. We now split our time traveling North America by RV and boat.

We were fielding so many questions on our personal blog about how we stayed connected running our own high tech business remotely, so we created this resource center - it's our passion and now our full time "job".

We are proud to have a staff of fellow full time travelers who contribute and help out.

 Join the Few. The Mobile. The Connected.

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  • Mobile Internet University (Brand New - Sept 2017): So many options, not sure where to begin? This structured course walks you through our video and written guides - ramping you up from understanding your options, assessing your needs to selecting your plans & gear. And then bringing it all together. Go at your own pace, and bring questions to our forums or interactive Q&A webinars.  Get a free preview of Section 1 in Our Classroom.
  • No Advertising - This site is completely funded by our readers, visitors and members - we are not compensated by any mobile internet related company for reviewing their products or keeping up with the news. We have no 3rd party advertising anywhere, for anyone.
  • Exclusive content - memberonlyWe'll release some of our most in-depth mobile internet articles, product reviews, insider tips, guides, videos and news items to our 'Mobile Internet Aficiandos' first, before they become publicly available. Any article in our Resource Center marked with the 'blue dudes' contains exclusive content for MIAs, as well as the in-depth review portions in our Review Center. You'll also find extra tips and insider info embedded in some news articles, just for members.
    • Example: When T-Mobile announced they were discontinuing their Simple Choice plans in January 2017, we posted an article about it to our news center. The article contained extra information for our members with instruction on how to obtain the plan, recommended devices and even a 25m video overviewing the plans. We've now made that entire article public so you can see an example of the extra guidance members get on breaking topics: Click to See the full T-Mobile Article.
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    • Breaking Stories & Alerts - We issue special breaking news alerts if we hear of anything that might impact our members that needs to be acted on quickly - such as a limited time promotion, threats to popular solutions (like grandfathered Verizon Unlimited Data Plans) or substantial shift in the industry.
  • Video Webinars - We host member-only interactive video webinars using Zoom. Generally once a month we have a topical presentation (ie. 'Mobile Routers Overview', 'Future of LTE', 'Satellite Internet') and then take questions. These sessions are archived for viewing later. We also host a general open Q&A webinar on the Second Sunday of every month so that members can interact with us. If there's a critical news topic going on, we may also host a special edition broadcast for our membership.
  • A PDF copy of the book is included.

    The Mobile Internet Handbook!  Since this is our textbook - you get our book in PDF/ePub format, and any updates that come out during your MIA membership term, at no extra charge. We feel it's important that you have access to the latest information in the book, so that we can refer to content when fielding your questions. As we update chapters throughout the year, our MIAs get exclusive first access to them online.

Already purchased the book separately? No problem - we offer a discount off initial membership (see below for details).

  • Q&A Forums  - Got questions? Need a little help or guidance? Ask questions in our member only forums and our mobile internet gurus will address them (your on-call professors are Chris & Cherie of Technomadia) and other members might chime in too to share their experience. We can't promise we'll always be able to answer all your questions with a definitive solution, but we'll do our best to share what we know and point you in the right direction.
  • Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.33.00 AMCommunity - Interact with other RVers who are also navigating keeping online while being mobile. Because together, we all have more experience and wisdom to share. Learn from each other, share product reviews, tips & experiences in a private space dedicated to just this topic. From our Q&A forums (our 'classroom') and our optional member-only Facebook group (our 'lunchroom').
  • Interactions & Discussions - Ability to comment on all articles and news feeds, leave reviews and member only Q&A forums. All comments can only been seen by other MIA members. You'll also be invited to join our private Facebook group, which is kinda like our lunchroom. (If Facebook isn't your thing, no worries - you won't miss anything important as long as you're paying attention to the newsletters and/or our Special Alerts forum.)
  • Discounts - While we are not sponsored by any vendor or manufacturer, several reputable ones extend special discounts to our MIA members. Enjoy special discounts from WiFiRanger (10%), weBoost (10%), 3GStore (free shipping), PowerfulSignal (free shipping), TechnoRV ($10 off), Wilson Amplifiers (6%), RepeaterStore (8%) and unlimited data brokers. If you're in the market for buying new equipment, you can easily save much more than your membership cost.

Join Mobile Internet Aficionado for $79 for 1 year, or set up a subscription to lock in our discounted annual rate of $65/year.

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  • Personal Advising Session - If you'd like to pre-purchase a private advising session with us, you can do that too with your MIA membership. Not sure if you need a session? No worries - you can always add one on later.

Membership FAQs:

 Yes, your membership includes a year of access to all content created for your membership level to this date (this website started in May 2014), and for any new content created for one year from your date of membership
 We are constantly on the look out for new products, and we do make an attempt to acquire a decent sampling of the promising options. We review and overview them as part of the in-depth content we create for MIA members.

However, we don't promise to review every single product available, or necessarily in a timely fashion. We tend to research the 'best in class' options and review those.

Remember we live in an RV and a boat ourselves, and have limited space for installing & storing gear. We are also only two people (and a cat - and she's honestly a bit lazy) - and doing the depth of reviews we do, takes a LOT of time. This is on top of creating content, covering the news and answering member questions.

Also, we do not cover most general mobile technology equipment - such as computers, TVs, smartphones & tablets. While they are obviously an element of a mobile internet arsenal - there are simply too many of them on the market, and preferences for smartphones are very highly individualized for OS and form factor. There are many other services out there that provide smartphone/tablet/computer reviews.

Our reviews are focused equipment specific to mobile internet - such as dedicated hotspots, mobile routers, mobile cellular boosters, antennas and mobile WiFi repeating gear. We do not review equipment designed and marketed for stationary use, nor do we cover general mobile technology.

We know RVers and cruisers aren't the only ones who depend on mobile internet options. Truckers, rural folks, nomads, travelers, storm chasers and cord-cutters also might rely on wireless connections instead of hardwired internet.

And we know some folks travel part time, and desire a setup that might be usable 'at home' and on the road. Or those living mobile substrates might be stationary for long periods of time, and not mobile.

We absolutely welcome you to join, but just know upfront we are very focused on mobile internet options. Our 'Top Picks' and advice are specific to mobile situations. Our first 11 years on the road was in RVs, and we launched this site within that community. We're also now part-time cruisers along the American Great Loop, and are ramping up marine content too.

Installation & equipment options for homes, offices and trucks might have different considerations. Those options are not our area of expertise.

You will learn a lot here, and have access to our ongoing research & knowledge.  We'll do our best to point out where the differences & considerations are when asked, but we make no promises that we'll be able to provide specific guidance for non-mobile use.

You will need to adapt what you learn here to apply to your own situation, and continue research on your own.

We want to make sure you fully understand what your membership includes, and doesn't include.  Here are some specific things that the MIA is not intended for:

  • E-mail and/or private support - We ask members to post their questions in the Q&A forums or our private MIA Facebook group. This helps other members learn & chime in  as well.  We do offer a limited number personal advising as an add-on service you'd if prefer us to address your situation privately.
  • 24/7 Instant Responses - We're full time nomads ourselves - we don't just play them on the internet. That's how we know about this stuff. Our own time and bandwidth availability can vary quite a bit.  We set aside time (and effort to have connectivity) to read the Q&A forums to respond to member questions in full. We will do our very best to respond to inquiries within 2 business days.
  • Substitute for Reading our The Mobile Internet Handbook or other content on this site  - Membership is best utilized if you're committed to education about the basic options. We strongly advise you keep your included copy of The Mobile Internet Handbook handy, and utilize the in-depth guides & video content throughout the site. We are always happy to address MIA member questions to further your understanding and how something we've written about might apply to your situation. If we have covered the subject elsewhere we will gladly provide a reference of where to find the relevant information - whether a chapter in the book, or content in the resource center.
  • Technical Support - The MIA is not a substitute for the customer support provided by the manufacturer or vendor you purchased equipment from, or for the solutions you've implemented. We are however happy to help you troubleshoot a problem, confirm a problem or point you in the right direction to get help.
  • General Mobile Tech - Many folks know us for our Technomadia.com blog, where we do write about our personal experiences with mobile tech (computers, tablets, solar, lithium batteries, GPS, lighting, apps, etc.). This site is specifically about mobile internet options & equipment - and we super focus on it here. It keeps us busy enough as is to stay on top of. However, our members do have access to our off topic discussion forum, and we do welcome questions there if you have them. We'll answer when we can.
  • Remember... membership is intended to provide education, a venue for asking questions to further your understanding, and keeping you keep up to date on the industry.

Mobile internet vendors & company representative policy: We do not allow products or services we cover to have an official presence in member interactive places.

However, we recognize that some who represent mobile internet related products are also RVers themselves, and would like to join for their own personal interest. And we welcome this. We just ask that if you do represent a product that you refrain from posting anything that could be seen as marketing of the product. If you see a fellow member with a question about your product that you can answer, that is most appreciated - just please be transparent about your affiliation, and keep it supportive not 'selling'.

Also, our content is intended for personal use only - not for helping related businesses target their products & services at RVers & boaters. If you would like our assistance in getting a market overview or in-depth feedback in your product development, please contact us. When we have time, we do offer business-to-business consulting services.

Starting in 2017, yes, we (Chris & Cherie of Technomadia) are starting a new adventure - the Great Loop, exploring America's intercoastal waterways, canals and rivers by cruising boat.

However, that will not have any negative impact on our work here at RVMobileInternet. In fact, we actually think it will ENHANCE what we do here. Here's a couple key points:

  • The 'Great Loop' is all intercostal and canals and rivers in the US & Canada. So places RVers go too (we've have traveled by RV to many of the same destinations). We're very intentionally keeping ourselves in similar challenges to we can keep on top of everything we do here. The Great Loop is sometimes even referred to as 'RVing on Water'.
  • We'll still be RVing at least 1/2 the year (boat will be our summer adventure, when it gets too cold as we head north - we move back into the RV).
  • We fully intend to continue working just as much as we do now. We'll continue our slow pace of travel, mixing in extended stays in one location with shorter stays while in transit. We'll still seek out bad signal areas to test gear and advise on optimal options.

And overall, we look at this as expanding what we're offering - such as learning more about Canadian connectivity and marine grade equipment.