We are constantly testing out the latest gear so that we can advise our readers on what is best for them. These are the products we currently have in our testing lab that we are evaluating.

While some of our gear is provided to us for evaluation, our time testing & writing about them is completely funded by our premium members. This allows us to be completely unbiased by not accepting compensation from any vendor or manufacturers. Thus, with our gratitude for their support, most of our in-depth reviews are released exclusively at first for our Mobile Internet Aficionado Members.

Cellular Providers

We currently have these plans active that we test products & coverage against around the country:

  • Verizon Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan (used in a AC791L hotspot)
  • AT&T Mobile Share Plan (40GB shared data) - (used with an iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and Unite Pro)
  • AT&T Grandfathered Unlimited iPad Plan (used on an iPad Mini Retina)
  • T-Mobile 3GB/month Tablet Plan (with free Binge On video streaming - used on an iPad Mini Retina)
  • Sprint Unlimited iPhone Plan (used on an iPhone 6S)
  • Google Fi (combo T-Mobile / Sprint used on a Nexus 5X)
  • T-Mobile Unlimited Data Plan on a ZTE 917 (provided by Unlimitedville.com)
  • AT&T Unlimited Data Plan on a Unite Pro (provided by one of our MIA unlimited vendors)

Mobile Cellular Boosters

2015 Testing Complete! (December 2015) - We took all of the mobile cellular boosters in our arsenal on the road in fall of 2015, and field tested them with all four major carriers on a variety of phones & mobile hotspots. Our field testing raw data & field notes, comprehensive overview & results and video are now available to our members.

View the Results: 
2015 Mobile Cellular Booster Testing Results & Analysis
(weBoost, Wilson Electronics, MaxAmp, Top Signal)

Our temporary setup for head-to-head booster testing... we'll soon have all the boosters & antennas setup on our RV.

Our temporary setup for head-to-head booster testing...

Products tested:

  • weBoost 4G-X provided by weBoost
  • Wilson Electronics Mobile 4G (now known as the weBoost 4G-M) provided by PowerfulSignal - Now in the hands of Jack Mayer for testing against the MaxAmp RV.
  • TopSignal SolidRF provided by PowerfulSIgnal
  • Wilson Sleek 4G (cradle booster, now known as the weBoost 4G-S) provided by PowerfulSignal
  • weBoost RV 4G (added 9/21/2015) provided by weBoost
  • Maximum Signal MaxAmp Mobile - to be provided by MaximumSignal (We received a prototype of the RV model in fall 2015, which failed in our testing. We are slated to get one of their automobile production units when they are shipping. Our co-author Jack already has the RV model to compare with the Mobiel 4G we sent him)
  • New - February 20, 2016: weBoost Signal 4G (2) provided by weBoost (we are testing two direct wired amplifiers as a MIMO booster)

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Comparison: Mobile 4G Cellular Boosters (weBoost, SolidRF, MAX-AMP, SureCall) (free)

Understanding MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) – LTE Speed & Cell Booster Implications (member only)

Cellular Antennas

Promo image of the weBoost Drive 4G-XR (RV) kit.

Other antennas to be tested

2016 Testing Complete! (May 2016) - We tested a variety of antennas on the road - direct wired to cellular devices and through a 4G-X booster and a pair of Signal 4G direct wired amps. Our field testing raw data & field notes are available to our members and our comprehensive overview & results and video are in progress.

View the Results: 
Spring 2016 Cellular Antenna Testing Results & Analysis (weBoost, Panorama, WirEng, MobileMark)

Further reading:

Track the results at: Cellular Antenna Field Testing Results

Selecting a Cellular Antenna

Overview of the BoatAnt Cellular Antenna by WirENG

Wilson Wide Band Directional Antenna – Worth The Hassle?

Understanding MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) – LTE Speed & Cell Booster Implications

Mobile Hotspots

Past & Ongoing Testing: Reviews of most of the current mobile LTE hotspots have been completed (linked provided).

The AC791L on paper appears to be the hotspot to get on Verizon's network. We can't wait to test it out in person.

The AC791L on paper appears to be the hotspot to get on Verizon's network. We can't wait to test it out in person.



  • Unite Explore (inbound) provided by Netgear
  • Unite Pro provided by Netgear



  • Netgear Zing provided by Unlimitedville (sent back at provider request, review coming soon.)
  • Karma Go purchased from Karma

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Comparison: LTE Mobile Hotspots (MiFi/JetPacks) & USB Modems

Mobile Routers & WiFi Extenders

Analysis Projected to Start Summer 2016: We've used many of these models over the years and have included some links below to first impressions and reviews - but will be doing more extensive testing of them head to head.

Further reading:

Comparison: Cellular & WiFi as WAN Routers (WiFiRanger, Pepwave, Cradlepoint, MaxxFi)

MaxxFi Mobile Broadband: Exxagerated… But Interesting

Pepwave MAX BR1 Tested Under Pressure (Review Preview)

WiFi Capture Device Testing: WaveWiFi Rogue Wave vs WiFiRanger MobileTi & Pepwave SoHo (by Jack Mayer)

Jack's Pepwave SoHo comparison to the WiFiRanger Go and Cradlepoint 95


Represent a product you want included in our testing gear? Drop us a line at info@rvmobileinternet.com.