Product Overview: 9-in-1 MIMO by Panorama (Wi-Fi Extender | Cellular Antenna)

Panorama 9-in-1 MIMO WiFi / Cellular Antenna - also available in white

The Panorama 9-in-1 combines WiFi extending antennas and cellular antennas in a single, low profile, ground plane independent package.

The 9-in-1 is available in four different packages of varying antenna types and components.

The 9-in-1 incorporates up to 9 antennas (one of which is GNSS) in a low profile antenna housing. All versions have 4 ultra-wideband elements for 698-3800MHz which support MiMo function for 4G/5G & cellular bands. Options of  2x2, 3x3, or 4x4 Wi-Fi antennas provide both 2.4GHz and 5GHz extending capabilities.

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There is also an option for a fifth antenna amplifying active GPS/GNSS.

This is a rugged outdoor mount antenna system. It is an omni-directional, panel mount device available in black or white.


  • Model: LGMQM4
  • Wi-Fi
    • 2 GHz & 5GHz
    • Gain: 6 - 8dBi
    • Impedance: 50 ohm
  • Cellular Bands Supported:
    • Gain: 4 - 6dBi
    • Impedance: 50 ohm
  • Special Features: Combo Wi-Fi and Cellular antennas in one package
  • Connectors: SMA-Male (WiFi), SMA-Female (Cell)
  • Dimensions:  7'' (diameter) x 2'' (height)
  • Mounting Type: Roof mount
  • Outdoor Rated: Yes
  • Retail Price: $365

Testing Status

We are not currently testing this product.

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Panorama 9-in-1
  • Hardware
  • Overall Performance

Quick Take

A low profile combo cellular and WiFi antenna option.

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