Overview: OTR Mobile Plan (Cellular Data Plans)

OTRMobile offers offers an unlimited data plan on AT&T's native network.

We have communicated directly with OTR Mobile, and they claim to have a direct reseller relationship with AT&T with the plans being on AT&T's prepaid network. This means there is no domestic or international roaming included.

They also state the plan is not subject to throttling or network management.

As with all third party resellers on these no-contract plans, consider that the carrier and service could be changed or terminated with little notice.

OTR Mobile offers unlimited, AT&T based data for $60/month on a dedicated data only device. The plan does not include any voice or texting service.

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You can purchase hotspot or router devices through OTR Mobile - or you can just activate or purchase a SIM card to use in your existing AT&T compatible data device.

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Policies & Perks:

  • Carrier Networks Used: AT&T
  • Carrier Relation: Reseller
  • Plan Types Available: Data only
  • Device Types Permitted: Hotspots, routers
  • Device Purchase Required: No, but can purchase a device
  • Mobile Hotspot Use: All - unlimited
  • Throttling: None
  • Network Management: None
  • International Roaming: None
  • Domestic Roaming: None
  • Plan Period: Monthly
  • Data Roll Over: None
  • Overage Charges: None
  • Streaming: Video streaming at full resolution is allowed, but no free streaming services are included.
  • Unlimited: Yes
  • Lines permitted per plan: ?
  • Device Lock/Unlock Policy: N/A
  • Extras: None

Testing Status

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Quick Take

OTR Mobile resells an unlimited data plan on the AT&T network.

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