Product Overview: OpenSignal App (Accessory)

OpenSignal is an App which crowdsources data on carrier signal quality from users who have its consumer mobile application installed. Consumers can view the crowdsourced data either online or in-app in the form of color-coded maps of different carriers side-by-side. It also allows you to see cell towers around you on a map. and the signal compass points you in the direction you need to walk in to improve your connection.

OpenSignal is available for iOS & Android.

There is a coverage map for 2G, 3G, and 4G.

This App also has a built in speed test for download, upload and latency.

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You can also share your findings and compare your connection with other users, as well as save your data to an SD card.

The App is free and ad-free.


  • Application: available on both iOS & Android devices
  • Carriers: All
  • Generations: 4G, 3G, 2G
  • Retail Price: Free

Testing Status: 

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OpenSignal App
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Quick Take

The OpenSignal App (iOS/Android) uses crowdsourcing to display nearby free Wifi hotspots, signal maps & tests speed.

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