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Millenicom is a reseller of T-Mobile, offering data-only mobile hotspot plans to consumers. Millenicom also touts a hotspot designed for the brand specifically, named the 'Airesy', which can be paired with their Ultimate LTE plan.

They are currently offering two different types of plans, Data Only and Ultimate LTE.

Their Data Only plans are essentially T-Mobile's now retired Simple Choice data plans - which are tiered data hotspot plans with perks like Binge On (unlimited video streaming), Data Stash and international usage.

Their Ultimate LTE plan is essentially a T-Mobile One smartphone plan that they sell to put in selected non-T-Mobile branded data only devices to get unlimited data. However, these plans are subject to network prioritization and may experience slowed speeds after 50B of usage in a month when on congested towers. Video streaming is reduced to standard definition, however premium streaming can be added to the plans for full HD.

These plans are similar to other similar T-Mobile based rental/vendor plans listed in our Guide to Unlimited Data Options.

Plan Policies & Perks:
  • Domestic Roaming: After 200mb of domestic roaming, T-Mobile cuts off your off-network usage until your next billing cycle, or you're back in a native area.
  • International: T-Mobile has some of the easiest and best international features:
    • Canada & Mexico - All plans include 'Mobile Without Borders' automatically - you can use your plan in Mexico & Canada just as if you're domestic in terms of voice, text & high-speed data. In both countries, T-Mobile has partnered with most of the carriers, and devices can utilize all of those partners. However, the Binge On Video streaming is not included internationally.  T-Mobile restricts usage in Canada and Mexico to 5GB per month, however, unless you have the equivalent of the One +International package - which is 'premium streaming' on the Ultimate LTE plan on Millenicom.
    • Rest of the World - T-Mobile plans include free unlimited international data, as 2G speeds. They have partnered with over 140 carriers. If you'd like 3G speeds, you can add on the equivalent of the +International package (premium streaming on Ultimate LTE).
  • Data Roll Over: On the data-only plans, any high-speed data you don't use is rolled over into 'Data Stash' for up to a year. You can accumulate up to 20GB in this account, to use when you need it. The Ultimate LTE plan does not have this feature, as it is unlimited.
  • Overage Charges: T-Mobile never charges overage fees. Once you hit your high-speed data cap on the Data Only plans, you are just simply slowed down to 2G speeds for the rest of the billing period.
  • Streaming:
    • Data Only: All of the Data Only plans include 'Binge On' video streaming that does not count against your high-speed data cap on partnered networks (including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, YouTube, etc.), but at DVD-quality lower resolution. It only works on on-device or when tethered to a laptop - and presently is not compatible with streaming devices like Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast, FireTV, etc.  They also include free music streaming over many services.
    • Ultimate LTE: Since this is the T-Mobile One plan behind the scenes, video streaming is reduced to SD resolution. For an additional $25/month you can upgrade to premium streaming to get full HD.

Be aware that you will be a Millenicom customer, not a T-Mobile customer.

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This means you will be giving up access to T-Mobile's support, the T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion, and for better or worse you will be left dealing with Millenicom for any issues that come up in the future. In the past Millenicom has had a great reputation for helping out customers, but do keep in mind that you will be dealing with a small company instead of a massive one with stores and kiosks around the country.

Millenicom Past History

Millenicom has offered data plans to the mobile community for nearly a decade. As with all reseller options, plans come and go - and can often be outside the control of the vendor when a carrier pulls a deal. Over the years Millenicom has offered plans through Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. We have tracked them for many years, and have seen a pattern of the company going to bat for their customers to ensure continued service when the carriers pull back a plan.  And they have had consistent communication with us to let us know about new plans and issues coming up.

There is always risk going with any reseller provided plan that it could be pulled with little notice. We anticipate that if notice can be given, Millenicom will do their best to give their customers as much heads up as they can.

Testing Status:

We included Ultimate LTE plan with the (now obsolete) Airesy I device in our l1st Quarter 2018 round of testing. Our field testing results are availabel to our members and can be found here: Cellular Signal & Embedded Router Field Testing – IBR900 | MAX-BR1 | Drive Sleek | MIMO Antennas (1st Quarter 2018)

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Testing Status: We tested the Millenicom 'Airesy I' device and 'Ultimate' unlimited plan in early 2018.

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Quick Take

Millenicom has some attractive deals on smartphone and data only plans on the T-Mobile network, however all account management and customer support goes through them. We have had positive experiences with their customer support in the past.

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